Kratus Performance was founded in 2022 with the mission of creating all-natural yet potent performance enhancers for fellow high performers in search of the ultimate ‘competitive edge’.

It all started with a conversation in Mexico City…

A roundtable discussion between entrepreneurs, athletes, & biohackers who were disturbed by the widespread abuse of stimulants in our industry; Adderal, Modafinil, among others. These pharmaceutical enhancers certainly help with work and sports but are dangerous to the body and soul. 

This conversation turned into a plan to introduce an all-natural performance enhancer. One that does not turn you into a robot, that doesn’t force you to trade creativity for focus, not to mention a fully legal alternative to pharmaceutical drugs meant for people with diagnoses ADHD.

The History of Kratom

We soon developed our formula based on a single ancient herb called Kratom. This 1000-year-old herb has been used in Southeast Asia throughout history to allow physical laborers the ability to work all day long, enduring back-breaking work in the hot sun, without getting tired. And not only that, the herb is notorious for helping workers enjoy work, feel fulfilled with their daily duties, without causing bodily harm or messing with brain chemistry.

In the last 20 years or so, Kratom has grown in popularity in other parts of the world. Because of its pain-relieving benefits, “big pharma” has waged a war against the natural plant that has been safely used for thousands of years, similar to their efforts to restrict marijuana/CBD. 

In fact, the FDA almost succeeded in their war against this medicinal herb in 2016 - they pushed forth an announcement to reclassify the 100% legal Kratom leaf. Justice prevailed, and Kratom became the first in existence that the organization has reversed its opinion on (due to an outpour of Americans who offered testimony of the many therapeutic effects of this herb).

Since then, Kratom has received even more backlash due to unethical suppliers selling cheap, poor-quality, and even tainted Kratom. This may explain the controversy many people have about this natural plant. However, real high-quality Kratom has been shown in countless studies not only to be safe, but offer rare medicinal qualities that benefit not only fellow Americans, but millions of people around the world.

All-Natural Performance Boost

In its natural state, Kratom offers stimulating energy-boosting effects in lower doses. This has led many to call Kratom the “Holy Grail” of focus boosters - it boosts mental energy without restricting your creativity like stimulants do.

In high doses, the plant offers pain-relief properties. In general, Kratom has been shown to boost mental energy, physical energy, and mood. It has also been shown to relieve depression, anxiety, and other ailments.

If you are looking to Kratom for pain relief - we are not the supplier for you.

Kratus Performance offers a high-potency extract of the main alkaloid in Kratom. This is the alkaloid responsible for cognitive and mood benefits. Due to the extraction process, and our high-quality Kratom supplier from the forests of Indonesia, we have eliminated many of the potential side-effects you may get from poor-quality raw kratom leaf.

In other words, Kratus Performance gives you the performance-enhancing benefits of Kratom, in easy-to-consume and quality-tested softgels, without the downsides. Just the cognitive boost, none of the pain relief or potentially addictive properties offered by other suppliers.

Kratus Focus™

Our flagship product, Kratus Focus™, provides a safer yet more effective alternative to stimulants. An all-natural, pleasant, stimulating herbal extract that elevates your focus, mood, and overall performance - a magical secret weapon for those on a mission.

Built by high-performers, for high-performers. 

The World is Yours.