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Designed for the ambitious - your secret weapon for productivity.

Turn Off Days into On Days With “Coffee’s Tropical Cousin” - an Infinitely More Potent, Stimulating Ancient Herbal Extract for 2-4+ Hours of Enhanced Focus, Flow State, & Mood…

  • Boost cognition for focus, mental energy, & mood

  • 4+ hours of ultimate brainpower with no crash

  • Peak flow-state for effortless creative output

Formulated by Athletes, Entrepreneurs & High-Performers looking for a Competitive Edge

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Unlock Your Full Potential

Let’s face it: We all have “off” days. 

But as a high performer, your mission cannot wait.

Kratus Focus is your secret weapon for those off days. The missing puzzle piece, the ace up your sleeve... the ultimate key to reaping the rewards that are rightfully yours.

Remember - in this day and age? You need every advantage you can get.

Money doesn’t sleep. And neither does your competition.

Few advantages exist as powerful as this one.

Add Kratus Focus to your deep work routine and unlock your true potential.

Use responsibly and do us proud.

High Quality for High Performers

Botanicals Only

Cousin to the Coffee Plant Family, Kratom is an Iconic 1000-Year-Old Herb Traditionally Used by Indonesian Laborers for Limitless Energy to Work All-Day-Long With No Burnout

Specialized Alkaloid Extract

We Extract The Main Focus Alkaloid into Tiny-yet-Potent Softgels Using Industry-Leading Proprietary Processes - Enjoy The Ancient Herbal Benefits With Potentially Reduced Side-Effects

Effects you Can Feel

Each Softgel Contains “Mitragyna”, the Main Kratom Alkaloid, In Its Purest Form - an Instant and Intense Cognitive Boost, Motivation Burst, and Enhanced Mood

Industry-Leading Quality

We Export Kratom Powder From Southeast Asia to USA, Where It Is Lab-Tested with Rigid Guidelines for Quality, Impurities, and Potency in a GMP-Qualified Facility. 

Kratus Focus™

What to Expect


Lock into your flow state in minutes, where time flies & work becomes effortless.


Enhance your ability to focus for 2-4+ hours of high-quality work output… all-naturally.


Unlock your full creative potential. Generate better, faster, and more prolific ideas.


Improve your mood, improve your life. Get an immediate vitality boost without the comedown