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Kratus Performance

(NEW) 20 Kratus Gummies

(NEW) 20 Kratus Gummies


  • 30mg of mitragynine (kratom) extract per gummy - 20 gummies per pack.
  • Delicious raspberry or Orange flavor to help mask the taste of the main ingredient; Pure Kratom Extract
  • 1.5 gummies = 1 Kratus Focus softgel (but gummies are highly-absorbable so many people find one gummy is similar to one softgel)

Plus, gummies allow you to "tailor" your dose.

You can split them up to find the perfect dose for you. Experiment to find the best dose for different activities too (lower doses are better for focused work or working out - higher dosages may be ideal for socializing and stress relief!)

Ingredients: Kratom (Mitragyna) Extract, Water, Pectin, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor and Color.

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