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*The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Must be 21 years or older to purchase this product. The FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree in the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia. 

Ancient Eastern Medicine has used this versatile plant for centuries for various reasons. 

Kratom leaves were traditionally chewed on for energy - similar to the way coca is used in the Andes. 

The plant was particularly beloved by landowners. They would hand out Kratom to their workers to boost their motivation - workers would chew the leaves and be invigorated with all-day-long energy and no crash. Chewing Kratom leaves also helped erase physical soreness and tiredness, allowing them to work longer hours with no burn out.

In Southeast Asia, villagers still enjoy Kratom tea to restore a strong sense of calm, optimism, and vitality. In America we do coffee, energy drinks, and sugar - in these areas, they use Kratom. In our biased opinion, this is a perfect example of why American’s are generally unhealthy - feel free to Google the dangers of energy drinks and excess artificial sugar if you so desire.

The popularity of Kratom has been growing in the West for decades. Many “kratom bars” exist all over the USA, particularly in Florida. The leaf has grown a cult-following of professionals who enjoy its stimulating effects to naturally enhance their work and social life.

While many people try raw kratom leaf powder for their first time - either mixed in water or drinks or swallowed and the “chased down” with water - in our opinion, this is a horrible first-time experience for Kratom use. Many people get sick this way, not only from the disgusting and gag-inducing taste of muddy kratom leaf water, but ingesting raw leaf powder alone is not easy on the stomach.

This is why we sell Kratom Extract softgels. All of the “good stuff” from high-quality Kratom Leaf with none of the gross, muddy extra sh*t.

Simply swallow a softgel with water or another beverage and start feeling the pleasant effects of Kratus Focus in 30 minutes or less.

Who Uses Kratom?

Kratom has been quietly re-emerging as an “underground” open secret strategically used by high-performers in all fields - from CEOs to athletes to PUA’s to software engineers to digital entrepreneurs & everyone in between. 

The diverse benefits of this leaf why we call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of herbal supplements.

In fact, the NFL officially banned Kratom as a performance-enhancing substance in 2015. Yet many athletes in football, and other sports like soccer and skiing and mountain climbing and marathon running and weightlifting, still use the plant its various effects.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan, Rihanna, and Tom Petty have been outspoken about the benefits of Kratom.

What Does it Do?

One serving of Kratus Focus in the morning, before work, gym, or social events helps you “unlock” your hidden potential to perform at your highest capacity in your chosen field. You can take it anytime during the day, however the stimulating effects of this formula may impact some peoples ability to sleep.

Kratus Focus uses a specific, energizing, coffee-like strain of Kratom that may offer a diverse array of benefits, such as:

-Improved Focus

-Limitless Energy

-Uplifting Mood

-Mild Euphoria

-Mental Clarity

-Enhanced Cognition

-Clean Motivation

-Added Vigor

-Inner Balance

-Restored Vitality

-Supercharged Drive

-Stress Reduction

-Anxiety Relief

-Pro Sociability

“Improved Focus, Limited Energy, Enhanced Cognition, Mental Clarity, and Clean Motivation”... How Does This Compare to Other Stimulants and Nootropics?

Many of our team and customers previously used stimulants and nootropics like adderal, modafinil, piracetam, and more.

While we can’t tell you what to do - we do not use these any longer nor do we recommend them.

Not only are the pharmaceuticals generally bad for your body and brain, but they actually decrease your productivity over time. They “unleash the floodgates” of dopamine, the hormone that controls your motivation (and your happiness - yes, serotonin is NOT your happiness hormones… it is actually dopamine, which is why these drugs can cause an anguish-filled comedown and even long-term depression with long-term use, but that is a story for another day…)

Anyways, Kratom is different.

The plant was originally enjoyed by Southeast Asian workers who performed physical labor all day long. They would chew Kratom leaves straight off the tree and find they received a boost of motivation and drive, despite all-day-long backbreaking work in the hot sun, without getting tired or “burning out”.

And unlike other stimulants, Kratom does not decrease your motivation over time… it may actually increase it.

Yes, Kratom has been shown to BOOST dopamine levels over time.

This means you can use Kratom as a work or workout boost long-term. Not only will you not be hooked, or “need” it to work, like happens with stimulants such as Adderal or Modafinil or even coffee…

But you can safely use Kratus Focus without long-term risks (as it pertains to your motivation, drive, output, etc.)

And as for how the actual effects of Kratom compare to these other performance enhancers:

It entirely depends on the person. However, Kratus Focus allows us to maintain all-day–long intense focus without the jittery anxiousness that other stimulants cause. Not only will you not feel anxious or uncomfortable, but Kratom has been known to be a potent anti-anxiety herb and improve your mood. For us, this leads to a lot more work done.

And yes, the “Improved Focus, Limited Energy, Enhanced Cognition, Mental Clarity, and Clean Motivation” effects are often very noticeable.

You will see what we mean when you try it yourself.

How Can One Ingredient Offer So Many Benefits?

As we said on the beginning of this page - to us, Kratom is the “Swiss Army Knife” herbal supplement.

The pleasant effects of this ancient plant can be applied to many disciplines. Most of our team uses Kratus Performance™ for work (especially deep, focused work - you may find a single softgel more than triples your productivity - and this is NOT a made up figure, but a real improvement in work output measured by members of our team and customers).

We also have athletes, including football players and bodybuilders and long distance runners, who enjoy Kratus Performance™ to extend stamina. For example, marathon runners have found Kratom allows them to run much longer without getting tired - and gymgoers have found it adds motivation to get you in the gym, far greater than any sugary and artificial pre-workout powder will.

And many of our customers love Kratus Focus for going on dates, going to parties, job interviews, sales calls, and any other activity where performance can be amplified by having less anxiety and more energy, confidence, and drive.

The list goes on.

When we say this is the “Swiss Army Knife” herb, we are not joking.

The opportunities are endless - it’s entirely up to you how Kratus Performance™ enhances your life.

Good luck and use responsibly.

You Said It Gives You “Pro Sociability”... Is This Good For Parties?

Many of our customers love Kratus Focus for going on dates, going to parties, job interviews, sales calls, and any other activity where performance can be amplified by having less anxiety and more energy, confidence, and drive.

What can I do on Kratus Focus™ ?

Whatever you want, my friend - the world is your oyster.

Our loyal customers and team enjoy Kratom for its versatility. 

Take it before studying, working, exercising, socializing - whenever you need to be “switched on” for high performance.

Safety Note: We never recommend mixing Kratom with any intoxicant, including Drugs and Alcohol. 

Why is Kratus Focus a kratom extract, and not raw kratom powder or powder capsules? 

Humans have been using botanical extracts in some way, shape, or form for hundreds of years.

In fact, some of the earliest documented use of plant extracts dates back to ancient Roman times (when certain herbs and plants were extracted to treat fevers and aches).

Since the, humans have been extracting medicinal components from every plant you can think of.

The reason?

Ingesting raw plant matter can have numerous health risks.

For example, many people find kratom messes up their stomach (causing issues like constipation, nausea, and more). This is moreso from ingesting raw plant matter than it is the actual Kratom…

Which is why we use sophisticated, industry-leading extraction processes to extract the main alkaloid of the kratom leaf - called an alkaloid called Mitragynine… so you get all the benefits of Kratom without the negatives of ingesting raw plant matter.

The result?

A clean, safe, and sustained boost in productivity and drive.

…because what good is using Kratom to enhance your mind, body, and relationships if you’re too nauseous or constipated to enjoy it?

What Makes Kratus Focus™ Unique From Other Kratom Extracts?

It should go without saying, but not all supplements are made equal.

And when it comes to Kratom Extracts - this is truer than ever.

We extract the Mitragynine - the main alkalaoid in raw kratom leaf - from high-quality White Kratom Leaf (Mitragyna speciosa) and distill it into a tiny yet potent softgel in a GMP-registered Kratom facility.

We also test for every single softgel for every impurity imaginable, along with quality testing for Mitragynine % content.

To summarize, we do things the right way.

Kratom is an industry full of sketchy fly-by-night “companies” looking to hitch a ride on a trending market and make a quick buck at the expense of your health. Our team is made up of passionate decade-long Kratom enjoyers who believe in this herb and its mainstream potential. That’s why we care so much about the quality (and safety) of our products - we use them ourselves!

Believe it or not, certain overseas Kratom vendors have even been caught tainting their products with hard drugs, including fentanyl. No, we are not joking - these dangerous and highly-illegal practices have resulted in our industry being looked down at and has also resulted in issues of health (including deaths).

So, that is the difference between Kratus Performance™ and other kratom products (including raw leaf powders, capsules, extracts, drinks, and more).

Working with a GMP-approved Kratom Extract manufacturer and facility is a badge of honer we proudly wear and flash wherever and whenever we can.

Our team, along with many of our friends and family and business associates, use our products regularly to enhance their life in many ways. We take pride in offering them safe Kratom products that are individually tested for safety - and we will never do anything different.

How Do I Take It?

How Do I Take It?

I Thought Kratom Gets You High?

Kratus Focus gets you “high” the same way coffee gets you high - it has properties that accelerates your body and mind. With a full serving, you will certainly “feel it” but it’s unlike pharmaceuticals like Adderal where you’re unnaturally stimulated to the point of feeling speedy.

Kratus Focus is not intended for recreational use (although many of our customers certainly do use it for fun). We are sourcing a particular type of Kratom we have been strategically supplementing for years to outwork our competition, whoever that competition may be, to make more money/improve physique/perform on sales calls/etc.

Doesn’t Kratom Make You Sleepy?

The effects of Kratom change based on dosage. High dosages lead to sleepiness and relaxation - lower doses are stimulating, uplifting, and energetic. The key is finding your “sweet spot” - it depends on the person, but a single serving of Kratus Performance™ is conveniently dosed with an amount most people call the “sweet spot”.

There are different strains of Kratom, too. Kratus Performance™ uses white Kratom leaf - this is a “fast” strain, perfect for productivity, motivation, and all that good stuff.

A single serving of Kratus Focus is a relatively low-dose of a particular strain of “fast” top-quality Kratom Extract to unlock your max potential - simple as that.

Is Kratus Focus™ Similar to Adderal?

The strain of Kratom we use in our supplement is known to be an effective treatment for ADD/ADHD.

While Adderal has a noticeable comedown, along with unenjoyable jitters and overstimulation, Kratom tends to deliver sustained focus with subtle relaxation - this allows you to work for hours on end without feeling overwhelmed.

You may also experience pleasant feelings of euphoria that make your work or workouts much more enjoyable, leading to better performance.

On top of this, chemical stimulants like Adderal are illegal without prescriptions. Kratom is an ancient, natural leaf that is perfectly legal in almost every state and city in the USA, as well as most countries around the world.

Kratom Never Worked for Me - What Makes This Different?

Most Kratom sold in the USA is trash.

Similar to markets like CBD, the industry is invaded by “big suits” looking to profit by selling garbage. Kratom bought in smoke shops, gas stations, certain kratom bars, and most online stores is brutally weak, counterfeit, or even tainted with illegal substances.

Kratus Focus is sourced directly from a private farm in Indonesia, extracted with proprietary methods (from a GMP-registered facility) and distilled into a tiny softgel, tested for quality & contaminants, then sent to your doorstep.

Unlike most Kratom sellers, we are NOT dropshipping or white-labelling poor-quality USA Kratom. These low-effort resellers give Kratom a bad name. 

Most Americans have never tried real, high-quality Kratom from Indonesia. Their only experience is with cheap raw Kratom Leaf powder from gas stations or Kratom Bars.

Our team here at Kratus Performance have been strategically using Kratom for nearly a decade to reach the top 1% in business, athletic performance, and pulling babes our social lives… all thanks to the same real, high-quality Kratom extract from private growers in Indonesia - the same high-quality Kratom extract you can now purchase on this website.

Is Kratom Illegal?

Like CBD, Kratom is legal in most areas but not federally legal, either. Certain cities, states, and countries do not allow sales of Kratom.

Where Do You Ship To?

USA Only (for now - get on our email list to be notified when shipping opens worldwide)

Kratom is legal in most of the USA.

Here is a full list of where we do not ship to:

Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Rhode Island, San Diego California, Denver Colorado, Jerseyville Illinois, Sarasota County Florida, Oceanside California, Ontario Oregon, Union County Mississippi.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom has been used throughout history, for thousands of years, for medical and recreational purposes.

That said - do your own research.

Many enthusiasts of Kratom use it everyday, up to 5-6 times a day, for decades. We cannot tell you how often to use Kratom but believe it to be a very safe, natural plant - especially when compared to other performance-enhancing drugs athletes and entrepreneurs are prone to use for “extra abilities”.

We are passionate about the safety of Kratom, especially as an alternative to prescription drugs like Adderal/Modafinil and other relatively-new nootropics with limited medical studies and lack of safety evidence.

Kratom safety also depends on quality. 

Gas station and smoke shop-quality Kratom tends to be awful, with potential additives that can be harmful, which is why we are so passionate about our Kratus Performance™ supplement - we use real Kratom straight from the farms of Indonesia, extracted with industry-leading proprietary processes, and with strict 3rd-party testing for quality, potency, and impurities.

Please Note: The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Can You Overdose on Kratus Focus™?

Do not exceed the suggested dose and you are not at risk of overdose. 

A “kratom overdose” may lead to nausea, wooziness, and/or sleepiness. It is impossible to fatally overdose on just Kratom - it cannot suppress breathing, despite what fear-mongering articles or click-baity news stories may suggest.

Lastly, Kratom overdoses are incredibly rare and have only happened with impure, tainted herbs, or irresponsible use (such as large doses). 

A single serving of Kratus Focus is relatively low, which is ideal for productivity and energy - exceed our suggested serving at your own risk.

Does Kratom Really Increase Dopamine?

Over time with extended use, Kratom really does increase dopamine (while other performance-enhancing herbs and nootropics deplete dopamine over time).

This incredible benefit is proven by over 10+ independent medical studies.

Do You Build a Tolerance From Kratom?

Yes, just like coffee or nootropics - Kratom builds a tolerance with extended use.

This is why it’s important to use responsibly. Not only can Kratom potentially be addictive (if you use everyday for years), but you don’t want to build a tolerance either. 

Remember: Kratom is from the same plant species as Coffee. If you drink coffee everyday, the benefits are still there but you may not “feel it” as much. 

With extended use of Kratus Focus, you may develop a tolerance - if this happens, we recommend you stop further use for a week or two to reset your tolerance.

To prevent building a tolerance in the first place, we recommend “cycling” Kratus Performance™ (the same way you would any other performance-enhancing supplement) in one of two ways:

3 weeks on, 1 week off

7 days on, 3 days off

These are popular methods of cycling - our team uses Kratom for work and exercise and highly recommend these cycles to never lose the potent benefits of Kratus Performance™.

It is important to note we never recommend taking more than one dose a day, and never two days in a row.

Also, if you take Kratus Performance™ regularly, we recommend pairing it with a magnesium and agmatine supplement. These may help block receptors that cause tolerance and help with potential constipation.

Does Kratom Cause Constipation?

Most Kratom is raw powder, ground up from Kratom Leaves. Ingesting this unextracted plant matter (and any raw plant matter) has been known to cause all types of stomach issues, including constipation, nausea, and even long-term stomach troubles.

This is why we sell an extract of Kratom (and not raw powder). You will most likely not see any side-effects or stomach issues.

That said, if you take Kratus Performance™ regularly, we recommend pairing it with two supplements:

1. Magnesium - this will block receptors that cause tolerance and help with potential constipation (use this for best results)

2. L-glutamine - this may also assist in combatting potential constipation with Kratom supplementation

Does Kratom Cause Nausea?

Low-quality and/or tainted Kratom can cause nausea.

Straight “raw powder” kratom leaf, which is what most people have in their first experience with Kratom at a Kratom Bar or similar, most definitely can cause nausea. 

In fact, ingesting any type of raw plant matter - including raw coffee leaves - can cause all types of stomach issues.

This is why we use Kratom Extract. All the benefits of Kratom without the grossness of raw leaf powder.

Also, higher doses of Kratom may also cause nausea.

Top-quality Kratom Extract, such as Kratus Performance™, should not cause nausea so long as you take no more than the suggested serving size (which is a single softgel).

If you are worried about nausea, please start with half the suggested serving to see how you react (you can cut the softgel in two with a sharp knife).

Should I Take Kratus Focus™ on an Empty Stomach?

This will enhance the effects.

Many of our customers enjoy taking Kratus Performance™ in the morning, right before breakfast, on an empty stomach for a fast-acting pleasant kickstart to a productive day.

Take Kratom with a magnesium and agmatine supplement to help prevent building a tolerance.

Do I Take This Every Day?

We never recommend taking our product every day.

We also recommend cycling any Kratom products, including Kratus Focus - once you purchase, make sure to read our emails and guides we send you to learn the best methods for cycling and avoiding tolerance. 

3 weeks on, 1 week off or 7 days on, 3 days off (taking at least a day off in between each dose or more) are popular methods of cycling - our team uses Kratom for work and exercise and highly recommend these cycles to never lose the benefits of Kratus Performance™ .

Unlike other “focus blends” or pharmaceuticals or nootropics, if you use it correctly - read our emails to you after purchase for all the secrets - you can avoid most side effects and tolerance.

What Is in Each Kratus Focus™ Softgel?

Main Ingredient:

Standardized Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Extract (100 mg of Gold 45% mitragynine and .15mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine)

Additional Ingredients:

MCT Oil, Gelatin, glycerin 99.7%, purified water

Do You Offer Refunds?

Our sample-packs do not come with a refund - they are heavily discounted already and designed to give you the chance to try Kratus Focus before buying a full bottle subscription.

All other orders, including subscriptions, are protected by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Not happy with your order? Didn’t mean to stay subscribed? Changed your mind?

No problem - return your unopened package within 30 days to get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. 


Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

All customers are given the opportunity to share Kratus Performance with others to receive commissions.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

You will receive tracking info once we ship. 

Most orders ship next-day and arrive to North American addresses in a week or less (usually 3 to 5 days).

How Can I Pay?

With all major debit and credit cards.

Do You Offer any Discounts?

Save 33% every month with our subscription program - learn more here; https://kratusperformance.com/products/kratus-focus-pack.

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