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Designed for the ambitious - your "secret weapon" for energy, focus & productivity.
Turn Off Days into On Days With “Coffee’s Tropical Cousin” - an Infinitely More Potent, Stimulating Ancient Herbal Extract for 2-4+ Hours of Enhanced Focus, Flow State, & Mood…
  • Boost cognition for focus, mental energy, & mood
  • Unlock your full potential with no crash
  • Peak flow-state for effortless creative output
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What is Kratus Focus?
A 1000-Year-Old Superior Alternative to Coffee, Energy Drinks, Adderall, Modafinil & Nootropics. The Ultimate “Unfair Advantage” for Elite Mental Performance for Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and High-Performers.
Lock into your flow state in minutes, where time flies & work becomes effortless.
Enhance your ability to focus for 2-4+ hours of high-quality work output… all-naturally.
Unlock your full creative potential. Generate better, faster, and more prolific ideas.
Improve your mood, improve your life. Get an immediate vitality boost without the comedown
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Unlock 2-4+ Hours of Your Peak Mental State with "Coffee's Tropical Cousin" - a Potent yet Fast-Acting Productivity-Booster for Naturally Sustained Focus, Flow, Mood
  • Ignite neurotransmitters to enhance focus, mental energy, & mood
  • Unleash "maxxed" brainpower with no crash or comedown
  • Achieve peak-flow state for effortless work and creativity

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Cancel the subscription any time within the first 10 days of ordering and we won’t send any additional product - it’s really that simple! You may also cancel or modify your subscription order at any time. No obligations.

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Why High-Performers Love Kratus Focus
Mental Clarity
Mitragyna activates receptors in our brain that may enhance mental clarity. Take a single serving of Kratus Focus™ for 2-4+ hours of sustained focus for working, reading, learning, conversating, and more.
Productivity Driver
Dopamine is the reason you feel motivated to accomplish crucial tasks. Mitragyna has been shown to increase dopamine production and release - this leads to better productivity and drive long-term.
Fight Fatigue
Mitragyna has been shown to “activate” the body out of a sleep state. Kratus Focus™ is an ideal morning boost, afternoon pick-me-up, pre-workout, coffee replacement, or coffee enhancer
Reduce Stress
Kratom reduces cortisol and norepinephrine levels - for this reason, it can help fight stress and procrastrination. Kratus Performance™ customers use its positive effects during sales calls, dates, parties, social gatherings and visits to in-laws.
More Benefits
  • Intense Power: Runners, weightlifters,, & Athletes of all disciplines enjoy Kratus Focus for in instant and long-lasting energy boost.
  • Improve Endurance: Mitragyna Speciosa helps circulate blood flow - stimulants constrict blood flow. Give your muscles much-needed oxygen beofre, after, and during endurance exercise for performance.
  • Mood & Well-Being: Studies show the plant supports the serotonin 5-HT2A and 2C receptors; this may invoke feelings of wellbeing and even euphoria. This allows for lower stress, relaxation, and focus for work or exercise.
  • Pro-Sociability: Customers love Kratus Focus as a "social lubricant". Use for sales calls, dates, parties, social gatherings and more.
High Quality For High Performers

Formulated by AthletesEntrepreneurs & High-Performers looking for a Competitive Edge

How Do We Make It?

Mitragyna - the "Focus Alkaloid" in Kratom -  Extracted via Industry-Leading Processes to Create the Cleanest and Purest Version of the Ancient Herb…

Lab-Tested with Rigid Guidelines for Quality, Impurities, and Potency in the only GMP-Qualified and FDA-Approved Facility in our Industry.

Get the Cognitive & Vitality-Bosting Benefits of the ancient Kratom Leaf in a Tiny-yet-Potent softgel.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree in the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia.

Ancient Eastern Medicine has used this plant for centuries for its many benefits.

Who Uses Kratom?

Kratom has been quietly re-emerging as an “underground” open secret strategically used by high-performers in all fields - from CEOs to athletes to PUA’s to software engineers to digital entrepreneurs & everyone in between.

The diverse benefits of this leaf why we call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of herbs.

In fact, the NFL officially banned Kratom as a performance-enhancing substance in 2015. Yet many athletes in football, and other sports like soccer and skiing and mountain climbing and marathon running and weightlifting, still use the plant for its many effects.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan, Rihanna, and Tom Petty have been outspoken about the benefits of Kratom.

What Does it Do?

One serving of Kratus Performance™ in the morning, before work, gym, or social events helps you “unlock” your hidden potential to perform at your highest capacity in your chosen field. You can take it anytime during the day, however the stimulating effects of this supplement may impact some peoples ability to sleep.

Do I Take This Every Day?

We never recommend taking our product every day.

We also recommend cycling Kratom - once you purchase, make sure to read our emails and guides we send you to learn the best methods for cycling and avoiding tolerance. 

3 weeks on, 1 week off or 7 days on, 3 days off (taking at least a day off in between each dose or more) are popular methods of cycling - our team uses Kratom for work and exercise and highly recommend these cycles to never lose the benefits of Kratus Performance™ .

Do You Offer Refunds?

Our sample-packs do not come with a refund - they are heavily discounted already and designed to give you the chance to try Kratus Performance™ before buying a full bottle subscription.

All other orders, including subscriptions, are protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.

Not happy with your order? Didn’t mean to stay subscribed? Changed your mind?

No problem - send us a message within 30 days of your order and we will organize a return for a full refund.

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